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Dr. Craig has often referred to herself as "Just the Messenger."  Whenever she is invited to speak at a conference, the topic for her speaking is the Message God wants for the people present to hear or for the place attended to hear.  Some of these recordings will also include a link to the Main Website, to either an article or a Message of the Month or related item; some will not.  

Do enjoy the Messages the Messenger delivers.  As always, a messenger is merely the spokesperson for another; and that other is The Father, The Son, and/or the Holy Spirit.

Recent Messages

Mary's Word from the Lord July 16 2021

Past Messages


2021 A Year Of Transformation

Dr Mary Craig
Celebrate Recovery Speech 2006

Dr. Mary Craig
World Camp for Jesus 2020 Manila, November 6-8
Jesus Christ, Whose I Am and Whom I Serve
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From her Sunday at New Bethel AME Church Sermon The Promised One Has Come December 8 2019

From The "on This Rock Family Conference" Sermon on The Glory Spirit June 25 2015

2017 Declaring God's Glory In Jerusalem and Spiritual Warfare Lessons Learned From A Life On The Frontlines

Prophetic Word For 2016 Released

2018 Youth Conference Seminar at Philidephia Church Of God Independent

Get Right With God

Get It Right With God (LOOK)