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A black peeled back tranparency with the moon on it reveals an angel with a staff

Graphic by W. Jim Craig

Jim Craig is the artist who designed this graphic.  It is the property of MCM Craighouse all subsidiaries and the Craig family.


Finding Spiritual Power in the Risen Christ And Winning the Battle for His Glory

Every war has weapons.  The Christian’s weapons are spiritual.  

Every believer can be better equipped by taking up the weapons of our warfare, things like the Word of God, the Blood of the Covenant, prayer, fasting, the armor of God, the anointing, holiness, and many, many more.  

Learn the means of grace and how to utilize them effectively.   

Fight the good fight of faith with the weapons God has provided.

Listen/See Lesson for Humility, The Spirit Of A Son


Previous Studies


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The Cry Of The Covenant
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The Apocalypse

To find the Scripture references to these audios please look in our Scriptorium page under Apocalypse

In one of the studies we had a couple handouts on the tribes of israel as they relate to the study on Revelation.

The Tribes 144000

The Tribes Old Testament

To Learn More About The Covenant, See Metaphors In Scripture Series Part 10 and Part 11

Good Friday Sermon 2016
What Love Does

The Day of the LORD: Proclaimed

Good Friday Sermon 2015
Presented in the Listen and See Format. This is an excellent witnessing tool.

Friday We Call It Good

His Name is: The Holy Spirit

Good Friday Sermon 2014

Hope, The Last Temptation

The Strategy of Nehemiah

Life Together: Christian Community Throught The Eyes of Deitrich Bonnhoeffer

Martyrs Of the Faith

Snapshots of the Glory

To Him Who Sits On The Throne

Follow The Lamb Whereever He Goes


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The Gospel According to the Angels