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 It all started with the teachings at Craighouse®. Both Pastor Jim Craig and Dr Mary craig are prolific teachers who have done literally hundreds of bibles studies, not to mention a stint of time on air with her "Divine Appointment" radio broadcast. But noone, save perhaps a select few through a dropbox distrubution, was hearing anything of what was being taught and Dr Craig was about to throw out the cassettes for her Divine Appointment series. About this time I stumbled upon something called and MCM main site webmaster Kroy Ellis set up and account with for Craighouse®. So in May of 2013 a neighbor loaned me a dual recording cassette deck and I received all Dr Craig's cassette recodings for her Divine Appointment broadcasts and they went live. Not long afterwards Marcia Murray, who was using dropbox to send Dr Craig's recorded bible studies to attendees, began sending those recordings to me.
My name is Mary Easterling and I am thesiteservant. Being self taught in simple web design and development, and using Dreamweaver 8, I suggested the idea of trying to put together a website to allow for the audio recordings to be accessed in one place.

We began as a free hosted site out of who at the time was semi reliably running. I had a number of other private sites there and thus was born, this site.

The Color sceme and name however is the dream of the Craigs for Craighouse® wherein they would have had a large building with a room painted in this particular if not exact shade of blue. Since its inception in 2013 MCMTFFR has moved to the same hosting company as MCM 's main site is hosted on Christian Web It is now very realiably accessible at all times.

Since its inception we have added the Listen and See page and or the formatted paged to Pastor Jim Craig's teachings. The brainchild Wanda Barlow in late 2014, Listen and See combines webpage formatted power point presentations from Pastor Jim Craig's Sunday sermon and teaching series along with the audio for that lesson.

The newest milestone that God has performed on this site through His siteservant is that as of February 26 2016 this site has attained to Google's covetted Mobile friendly status. I wish to thank Rocket Media and Derek Konofalski for their and his assistance in this monumental achievement.

On August 21 2017 we moved our audio files over to On the Home page you will find app links to get the podbean app for yourself to listen to Mary Craig's audios or find other audios you might enjoy.

I am just a self taught webdeveloper who used Dreamweaver 8 for years to maintain some simple sites of my own. In my quest to make this site Mobile Friendly, I was blessed to acquire Dreamweaver CS6 which gives me some very neat tools that made configuring individual pages much easier. The Listen and See pages were problematic because there are certain things that can be done in power point presentation that will not translate well into a webpage. These problematic items had to become "word images" which I formatted to be viewed on a desktop and in the process of making this site Mobile Friendly, had to be redone to fit the smaller screen. This left me with multiple images for the same little space on the page. Going online I learned about something called source set. But it was Rocket Media's Mr Konofalski who patiently helped me figure out how to use this on the page. However in Web design and developement the trend is toward something called Responsive Web Design which is basically taking the big old clunky deasktop viewable site and doing things to it so it will load really fast and be able to be seen on a very tiny viewport of a very narrow smartphone. there is also a new turned called Mobile First design which basically argues, why not just make the page work on that tiny smart phone sized screen first and then go forward to make it look good on that tablet over there and that desktop over yonder. For more on this take a look at Head First Mobile Web Design, PDF online. In all this time God has taken me and helped me to learn how to use my Dreamweaver 8 to good effect and now the CS6 as well and along the way gave me things like the secret to placing boundaries on a page with a div tag called a "container". In this case after going as far as he could Mr Konofalski was as stumped as I. I had now perfectly done the pages but they were still not passing the mobile friendly test. One night having simply given up and staring at the page source code (yes pages have code that the browser (like Chrome) reads to give you these wonderful visual displays on your various size devices) for the umpteenth time I noted that the innitial links I was using was to the larger images. Happily the tester gives you the list of things to fix to make the page pass the test. One of them was that it kept giving me the larger images and in that moment God gave me a "what if" thought. What if the Google bots were only looking for the inital image link? I sent this question to Mr Konofalski and it was a couple weeks before I got my reply that indeed I was onto something. In switching to smaller size in a Mobile First design move all the pages started passing "the test".

When it is the Lord, He literally will educate you and make ways for His desire and will to succeed. All we have to is "get out of the way" and "get with His program and stay on His pages" as He goes.

Since the passing of Pastor Jim Craig all his work has been converted to an Archive page.

This site is still hosted, live and maintained.


If you would like to learn more about me go to simplesites pro.